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Our flooring solutions are designed to protect your health, extend the life of your floors, and keep them beautiful for years to come.

We are driven to utilize our decades of experience, attention to detail, and extensive and diverse cleaning knowledge to provide the Lehigh Valley community with customer-focused solutions.

Bob’s Valley Wide Carpet Care has been serving the Lehigh Valley and its surrounding areas since 1989. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression with our customers, provide reliable and scientific flooring solutions to create happy and healthy indoor environments across the Lehigh Valley.

Servicing You Since 1989

Environment, Family, and Pet Friendly

Our IICRC certified and trained technicians utilize an array of cleaning methods, with environmentally friendly equipment, for an optimal cleaning experience. We are the most experienced, educated and respected family owned and operated floor cleaning business in the Lehigh Valley. The good news is, we aren’t satisfied. Part of our mission is to continue working on and reinvesting in our business, so that we can continue to improve and adapt our services, all for your benefit.

Why Choose Bob's Valley Wide

Our certified technicians are dedicated to learning all there is to know about the floor cleaning industry.

We hold certifications in a wide variety of cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, natural and synthetic tile, upholstery, and VCT care. Not only do our technicians have extensive knowledge of these floors, but they also have extensive knowledge cleaning in different environments. If you work in an office, own or manage a restaurant, or work in a medical facility, and more, we have experienced technicians who can help.