When it comes to your home you want others to treat your space with respect.

At Bob’s Valley Wide, our focus is you. Our certified technicians will be honest, pay great attention to detail, and are there to provide you with hassle-free, professional recommendations on how best to care for your flooring. This is our commitment to you.

Cleaner Carpets Since 1989

Worried about your children or furry friends? Our environmentally safe cleaning method reduces the amount of water and energy used. This means shorter drying times and a smaller chemical footprint.

Why Choose Bob's Valley Wide?

Need something besides carpet cleaning? We have you covered.

Choose from any of our total flooring solutions.

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Stay Clean Longer

Stubborn stains keep coming back? Our carpet cleaning method reduces that possibility. Our cleaning allows your carpet to stay cleaner longer by increasing the amount of soil that will be removed via vacuuming.
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Cleaning Diversity & Knowledge

Choose a team of certified technicians who will help you select the best cleaning options, from the most current technology and science available.
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Stay Beautiful

Our customized cleaning schedule will keep your floors beautiful for years to come. Not just looking to clean? Ask how our technicians can protect your floors against normal wear and tear, even after we leave.